• Song:

    Beautiful Girls

  • Artist:

    Boyce Avenue

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cappo on first fret

(just strum the chords once at the begining)
            G                       Em
your way too beautiful girl thats why it will never work

             C          D               G
you had me suicidal suicidal when you said its over

(now we are into plucking. repeat this riff twice)
    G            G             Em
E ---3------------3---------------0-------------|
A ----------------------------------------------|
D -------0----0-------0----0---------0----0-----|
G ----------0------------0--------------0-------|
B ----------------------------------------------|
E ----------------------------------------------|

    Em          C            D
E ---0------------------------------------------|
A -----------------3----------------------------|
D ------0---0--------2----2-----0---------------|
G --------0-------------0---------2---2---------|
B ----------------------------------3-----------|
E ----------------------------------------------|

    G                  strum a G chord
E -----3-------------------------3--------------|
A -------------------------------2--------------|
D -------0----0------------------0--------------|
G ----------0--------------------0--------------|
B -------------------------------0--------------|
E -------------------------------3--------------|

then play the chord sequence at the top of the page for the rest of the song and listen 
to the song for the strum patern after the plucking sequence. please enjoy and rate!
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