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Standard tunning

Heart Of Mine

Intro: D - Em - F#m - Em - A

D          D
Once day I may
D              F#m            G     G-F#-Em   A
Find true love that will last forever and ever
D          D         D          F#m        G - F#
Till then i'll spend a lifetime wishing us together
Em      F#m                  G
I never thought she'd say goodbye
F#              Abm            Em
Then i'll never understand the reasons why

B        C#m
Heart of mine 
Ebm                E
When will you keep from dying
C#dim      B     B            A
Stop reminiscing who is she kissig
B        C#m
Heart of mine 
Ebm              E
Oh what's the use in trying
G           G  F#   Em   A
No one can mend you know

(Do 1st verse chords)
On love pains, cool games
I can't believe she found another, to love her
Does she miss me
Someties I just can't help but wonder
If I could stop the hands of time
Then i'd know she'll always be forever mine
(Repeat chorus 2x)
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