• Song:

    Cloud Of Dust

  • Artist:

    Brad Paisley

  • Album:

    X2 (Who Needs Pictures/...

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INTRO:  D G Asus4 A D G/D Asus4 A

D                    G
West Texas forecast, more of the same
D               Bm           A
Sunny and mild, no chance of rain
G                         D                     Bm
That old John Deere Tractor ain't moved in days,
        G                             A
Oh, But he's out there climbin' back on
      G                            A            D
'Cause he's yet to admit that his crops are all gone.

She stares out the window fightin' back tears
And watches him wastin' his time in the fields
They're havin' problems payin' the bills
Oh, and she knows that it won't be long before the bank finally places a lien on the farm

        G                               C      
And the tractor keeps rollin', the dust rises high
  G             D     Bm         A           
Creating the only Cloud in the sky
G                                C
He's holdin' his ground, but It's gettin' tough
        G            D          Bm       A
He's keepin' his faith in the Lord up above
    G                           A        D
And prayin' for rain through a cloud of dust.

repeat intro

Yesterday somethin' in town caught his eye
The old hardware store had a help wanted sign
He thought about stoppin' but he drove on by
'Cause he just can't bare to let go
After all it's the only life he's ever known

repeat chorus x2.
D                    G
West Texas forecast, more of the same
D               Bm           D
Sunny and mild, no chance of rain
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