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Intro (Play 2x) : Am G C G 

Verse 1
               Am                    G
Welcome to the Home of the Hillbilly , yeah baby ,
         C                    G
It's the land of barbwire and moonshine whiskey ,
Am                   G
Park your car fore ya get it stuck ,
              C                         G
and go on and grab ya a beer and get on up in the truck ,
         Am               G    
its goin down tonight and its all on me ,
    C               G
its BYOB and I got all we need
Yeah bo , im bout to show me a city slicker,
how to kick it in the sticks with critters ,

down on ,
Chorus :
Am              G                 C                       G
our side of the barbwire , money grows in rows if it dont ,
                    Am              G
ya go broke , so we hang out by the bonfire , 
          C                     G
just some good ole boys havin a dang good time ,
            Am                       G
we crank it up -down here- , we get loud -down here-                        
        Am                        G
throwin down in the dirty , dirty south down here ,
      C                           G
it'll be an all nighter with the hippies and the hicks ,
 Am                    G               C
jocks and bikers they all came to kick it in the sticks!

Am G C G 2x

Verse 2:
So pop a top and drop a tail gaite ,
G                  C                     G
yeah we crankin up ACDC , Hank , Skynrd , and George Strait ,
Am                         G
wheres the girls , bout to call em up ,
         C                   G
a little southern drawl said hey trouble wassup ,
         Am              G
its goin down tonight and now they're pullin up ,
            C                     G
we got them jacked up trucks slap covered in mud ,
bikini tops and daisy duke denim ,
all night singin outlaw women ,
down on ,

Chorus 1x 
the solo just play Am G C G around 3 times.

then go back to the chorus one more time.
thats it . enjoy rate and comment please.
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