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Intro: G5    E5

Verse 1:
Can you keep up? Can you compete?
     G5                                         E5
You tip and you toe to the middle of where we meet.
Where we meet.

And you're all ears, and I'm all eyes.
 G5                                         E5
You take the lead and I'll take off my disguise.
My disguise. Yeeeaah.

C5                D5
Why you dressing up tonight?
E5                      G5
We don't need money to kill the lights.
C5                    D5
And why you talking over it,
E5                     G5
I don't need words to feel those lips.
C5                     D5
And I love how you're up for it,
E5                    G5
Everything we want is in our grip.
    C5               D5                            G5        (to 
2: G5      E5 )
It seems to me that we could be dressed up to undress.

Verse 2:
You pick me up, I'll take you down
      G5                                             E5
I'll tip and I'll toe to the back of your mind somehow.

If I confess, would you come clean?
        G5                                         E5
You'll take off the mask and we'll live like royalty.
Like royalty.

Instrumental:  G5      E5     C5      E5     D5

     E5        C5
How long till dawn?
    E5        D5         G5
I'm all for taking you on.

(The bridge's chords are the same as the instrumental's chords. Play a "G" before going 
the bridge. Repeat twice to be like the song or more if you feel like it)

Hope people like this. :P This is just what I think I hear from the song while playing 
acoustic guitar, lol.
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