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"Heaven" by Brett Dennen

    F               Bb              Dm

|--(1)--|       |-------|       |-------|
|---1---|       |---3---|       |---6---|
|---2---|       |---3---|       |---7---|
|---3---|       |---3---|       |---7---|
|---X---|       |---1---|       |---5---|
|---1---|       |-------|       |-------|

    Am              Gm              C

|--(5)--|       |--(3)--|       |-------|
|---5---|       |---3---|       |---5---|
|---5---|       |---3---|       |---5---|
|---7---|       |---5---|       |---5---|
|--(7)--|       |--(5)--|       |---3---|
|---5---|       |---3---|       |-------|

Notes: Strumming is just a solid downstroke pattern. Notes in parentheses may be played 
For the most part, though, Brett leaves them out
(as I do in the video).
With Am, half the time Brett plays it as a standard barre chord and the other half he 
it as I do.
I prefer using the thumb for the bass notes (reminiscent of John Mayer's style). During 
F chord in the chorus Brett adds a little hammer-on with the pinky on the 4th string, 

This transcription was taken from numerous videos, most specifically this one: 

"Heaven" by Brett Dennen

Verse 1

F                      Bb
Beyond the rules of religion
Dm               Am
the cloth of conviction
Bb                 F  Dm
above all the competition
Gm                     C
where fact and fiction meet

           F                     Bb
There's no color lines, casts or classes
Dm                     Am
there's no fooling the masses
Bb                 F    Dm
whatever faith you practice
Gm           C
whatever you believe


    Dm         Bb  C  Dm
Oh, Heaven, Heaven
Dm               Bb  C  Dm
What the hell is heaven?
Bb         C            F
Is there a home for the homeless
Bb       C            F
Is there hope for the hopeless

Verse 2

F                     Bb
Throw away your misconceptions
Dm                      Am
there's no walls around heaven
Bb                         F       Dm
there's no codes you gotta know to get in
   Gm                  C
no minutemen or border patrol

F                              Bb
You must lose your earthly possessions
Dm                Am
leave behind your weapons
Bb                   F  Dm
you can't buy your salvation
          Gm           C
and there is no pot of gold



Am                  Dm
Heaven ain't got no prisons
Gm                Dm
no government, no business
Am              Dm
no banks or politicians
Bb                 Am Gm
no armies and no police

Verse 3

F                       Bb
Castles and cathedrals crumble
Dm                       Am
pyramids and pipelines tumble
    Bb                F   Dm
the failure keeps you humble
    Gm                 C
and leads us closer to peace

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