Brett Dennen - I Asked When

Standard tuning: EADGBe
No Capo


Verse: A - E
Chorus: A -- B - E


       A                    E
well i dreamed i went out a wanderin'
        A                         E
i heard promises become fables forgotten
      A                                 E
i saw bridges stretchin' out across the water
    A                     E
and towers pushing taller

          A                       E
i knew my reality was clearly defined
       A                       E
by the fences put up around my mind
               A                        E
i watched them thicken into walls over time
            A                 E
taller than any boarder line
      A                             E
i saw civilizations deemed insignificant
       A                                E
i saw people's history tatooed on their skin
       A                        E
i saw families taken from their land
A                              E
dynasties shattered and stolen

            A            B   E
and i asked when... is a revolution
        A           B    E
i asked when... is a revolution

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