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Savior of the World- Brett Younker

Capo 1

Intro-    G  C  Asus4  Em  G  C  D


    C                  G
Your love displayed for all
   Em                   D
Our chains are gone, our hearts set free
   C           G
You put in us a song
    Em                 D                C
With words of grace and sounds of mercy


Asus4                Em     C                  D
We are your redeemed, living lights for all to see

          G            C
You’re the hope for the hurting,
Asus4       Em
Life for the dying
C     D            C
Jesus savior of the world

        G            C
You give grace to the broken
   Asus4         Em
And peace to the searching
C    D              C
Jesus savior of the world
Em   D             G          C    Asus4   Em
Jesus savior of the world


C                   G
All you’ve done with us
    Em              D
Your kindness and unfailing love
C               G
Leads us to the cross
     Em                 D       C
Where life is found and death is lost


Asus4      Em
We are your redeemed
C                D
Living lights for all to see
         Asus4    Em
You’re the King of victory
C             D
Anthem  of the free



Asus4   B
     We need you now
C            D
 The world is crying out
Asus4         B              C                 D
  The world is desperate now, desperate now for you
   Em       G
In You, the lost are found
   C      D
In You, redemptions now
   Em       G              C                 D
And we will sing this song, sing Your song to You

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