• Song:

    Miss June 75

  • Artist:

    Brian Jonestown Massacre

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Miss June '75 tabbed by Ronnie 

Intro and whole song F# E B(barre 7th fret)Timing is a bit erratic throughout the song...

she shines like the sun
     E           B
i'm constantly wondering
F#                    E     B
just what she sees in me
she says i'm the one
         E           B  
i've got to believe her
  F#          E                B
i know she believes in me

i'm losing my mind
    E         B  
i'm losing it to her
   F#                    E          B
i know she will set me free
the feeling so fine
   E              B
i just got to tell you
 F#                   E       B
how much she means to me

     F#            E      B
've spent so long crying by myself
F#         E    B                 F#
so long to loneliness i've found something else
E            B
the way she dances
makes me lose my mind
E              B
the clothes she wears
they make her look so fine
E            B
and when we kiss
it warms me up inside
E            B  
i've got to tell you cause
i just can't hide
     E       B
the way i feel
     F#        E
she makes me real
B              F#
she makes me feel
                      E        B
she and i are going to live forever
            F#                  E        B
and be the two brightest stars up in heaven

F# E B

    F#               E
oh girl i want to take you home
     B        F#
and get down on my knees
in front of you
     B             F#
i really like the way you squeeze
    E                 B
my head between your thighs
the way your face turns red
E                    B  
the way you roll your eyes
the way your breath gets fast
     E               B
the quiet sounds you make
your lips are trembling
          E              B
and your body starts to shake
               F#                   E
your hands are running through my hair
and i can tell you're thinking
'don't stop,
E        B         F
i'm almost there,
E        B         F
i'm almost there.
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