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Red White And Blue Feat Rascals Chords by Brian Mcknight

Capo on fret 2 (if you have no Capo... the chords are D,A,Em,Fm, work it out ;)

(Capo on Fret 2)
chords: C,G,D,Em

  C                        G
Baby Tomorrow I'ma hafta fight
Leaving at first light
And all I can think of is you
  C                               G
Baby I can hear you tryin not to cry
I'm afraid and I ain't gonna lie
I gotta do what I've been trained to do
I'm a little tired, but I'm doin fine

I got my brothers back and he's watching mine
             Am                             Em
Just keep praying that we'll all make it through
    C                G
I fight for what's right
        D                Em
And I fight for what is true
            C           G           D
Mostly I'm fighting to get back to you
We don't see black
We don't see white
              D            Em
We just see what we hafta do
  C            G               D
All we see is red, white, and blue
 C                Am              G
Fighting for our red, white, and blue
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