• Song:

    Feb 15th

  • Artist:

    Bright Eyes

Feb. 15th by Bright Eyes
A Collection of Songs Written and Recorded 1995-1997, 1998

Tabbed by Thomas Buhler
If you find any mistakes, or have any questions about this tab, email me at:

Capo on 1st fret. All chords and tabs relative to capo. Alternative chords
below can be used as instead of the original, whichever one is easier or
sounds better to you.

C     - x32010
Asus2 - x02200 (OR use 002200)
C/B   - x22010 (OR use 022010)Fm    - 133111
G     - 320003 (OR use 355433)
F     - 133211

C Asus2 C/B Fm x2

C                 Asus2
  All eyes on the calendar 
 C/B                    Fm
Another year I claim of total indifference 
C                  Asus2
  To here the days pile up 
     C/B                            Fm
With decisions to be made, I?m sure all of them were wrong
  C               Asus2
Into this song, I send myself 
    C/B                 Fm                     C
And with these drinks I plan to collapse and forget 
                   Asus2                      C/B
This wasted year,    -    These wasted years
Devoted friends, they disappear and

G                     F                  G
  I?m sorry about the phone call and needing you 
Some decisions you don't make 
G                            F                    G
  I guess it's just like breathing but not wanting to 
There are some things you can't fake 

C Asus2 C/B           -       Fm
             (Yeah, there are some things you can?t fake)
C Asus2 C/B Fm

C                   Asus2
  I guess that it?s typical 
   C/B                      Fm
To cling to memories you'll never get back again
C                        Asus2
  And to sort through old photographs 
     C/B                  Fm
Of a summer long ago or a friend that you used to know 
    C               Asus2
And there below his frozen face 
          C/B                     Fm
Where you wrote the name and that ancient date, that ancient date and 
C                        Asus2
  You can't believe he?s really gone 
C/B        Fm
      When all that's left is a fucking song

G                     F                    G    
  I?m sorry about the phone call and waking you 
I know that it is late 
G                   F                       G
  But thank you for talking ?cause I needed to
Yeah, some things just can't wait

C Asus2 Fm        C           G          C     Asus2
            Yeah, some things just can't wait
Fm        C           G          C     Asus2
    Yeah, some things just can't wait
Fm        C           G          Fm          End on: C
    Yeah, some things just can't wait
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