• Song:

    E-mail My Heart

  • Artist:

    Britney Spears

  • Album:

    ...Baby One More Time (...

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E-mail My Heart - Britney Spears

INTRO : Bb C A Bb (each chords strum twice except the last Bb which strum once only)

Verse 1

  C              A                        D
It's been hours seems like days
C                  A         D
Since you went away
         C              A                 D
And all I do is check the screen,
       C      A            D       
to see if you're OKAY
                   C              A       D
You don't answer when I phone,
                     C               A     D
Guess you want to be left alone
                  C                 A               D
So I'm sending you my heart,my soul  
         C          A          D
And this is what I'll say...

I'm sorry,oh so sorry
C                                             Bb         A
Can you give me one more chance?
       C                         Bb
To make it all up to you...
Email my heart 
And say our love will never die, and I
I know that you're out there
And I know that you're still care...
     C              Bb                    C                    B     A
Email me back and say our love will stay alive....

C         B        A
Email my heart...


      C                  A          D
I can see you in my mind
      C            A     D
Coming on the light]
               C                                   A   D
And opening this letter that I've sent a hundred times

     C              A          D
Here's a pictures of two
             C              A         D
Ooh, I look so good on you
                          C                                      A                      D
And can't you please forgive me for the hurt I put you through...

Repeat Chorus Twice
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