• Song:

    Im Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman

  • Artist:

    Britney Spears

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Hi i hope this is help full
 these are the chords i use.

B          E     A
I used to think
F#m       B            E          A  F#m  B
i had the answers to everything
           E        A
but now i know
F#m           B    E          A    B
life doesnt always go my own way yeah
  A            E             B          A          E   B
feels lie im caught in the middle and thats when i realised 

          E    A   F#m B
Im not a girl 
            E    A   F#m B
not yet a woman
      F#m       E      F#m           A
all i need is time a moment that is mine 
 F#m     A     B
while im in between
           E   A
im not a girl  


F#m           B          E      A   F#m B
there is no need to protect me 
              E A   F#m           B           E      A   B
its time that i   learned to face up to this on my    own
      A           E             B    
ive seen so much more than you know now 
         A          F#m      B
so dont tell me to shut my eyes


im not a girl but if you look at me closely 
you will see it in my eyes 

this girl will always find her way

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