• Song:

    Building Bridges

  • Artist:

    Brooks & Dunn

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Building Bridges Chords by Brooks And Dunn

Intro: A, F#m, D, E

A                  F#m
Since you've gone, My heart says somethings wrong
D            E              A
How long can this keep goin on

I'm still Blue, over losing you

What else am I gonna do


D            A        D                A
I'm building bridges, straight to your heart
D               A              E       F#m
And all of this distance won't keep us apart
Won't keep us apart

Repeat Intro


Talk to me, talk to me about sympathy

Don't leave me beggin on my knees

Since you've gone, my heart says somethings wrong

How long can this keep goin on

Repeat chorus 4x
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