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    Bruce Bremner

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Calvary Chords by Bruce Bremner

Bruce Bremner

Key: D
        D                     A
You exchanged my curses for blessings,
        Bm                     A
and traded my sickness for health.
       D                        A
You removed my guilt with forgiveness,
        A           B              E
and supply all my needs from Your wealth.
           D                         A
For my hatred You've given Your perfect love,
     Bm7                      A
and peace in place of my strife.
           D                A        F#m
You have given me faith instead of doubt,
     A          B                 Esus  E
the death that You died gave me life.

E           A   E     E7 F#m
Cal - va - ry! We're set free,
D   E    A              B      Bm  E
By His blood, we have been redeemed.
E           A  D    Fdim  F#m
Cal - va - ry! Li - ber - ty!
D   E  A     F#m  Bm        Esus  E
He has conquered, we have victory
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