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Song:      Chicane feat. Tom Jones - Stoned In Love
Tabed by:  mosa@email.si


Verse 1:
A            B                C#m
If you could see me here this way
Looking backwards from today
          B               C#m
Would you do it all again
A          B               C#m          
If I could roll it back to you
                        A         B
Just like lovers always do
I'm stoned in love but not with you

     C#m            A               E
Good luck, cause we're not feeling stoned in love
B                    C#m
It's how I'm feeling now
  A                E       
I feel the love is made of stone
B                                  C#m
We're not feeling stoned in love

Verse 2:
A           B             C#m
If we could wash the past away
Would we go our separate ways
     B         C#m                  
I'll do it all again, as if I care
A           B                C#m
Is this the way it's ment to be
                            A      B
Stoned in love but not with me
You're stoned in love in love me

Chorus (2X)

Stoned in love...
     A                      B
I'm stoned in love love but not with you

Chorus to the end
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