• Song:

    Peggy Sue Got Married

  • Artist:

    Buddy Holly

  • Album:

    That'll Be the Day / Re...

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Peggy Sue Got Married:Buddy Holly.
Top of the charts in '59. (I really like
this song. I think all of Holly's songs were
great, but I like this one.) It was also the
theme for a movie of the same name.

A                 E
Please don't tell, no, no, no,
D                A
Don't say that I told you so.
D              E             A      D A E
I just heard a rumour from a friend.

A           E
I don't say that it's true,
D                    A
I'll just leave that up to you.
D            E                 A     D A E
If you don't believe I'll understand.

D               A
Do you recall a girl that's been,
   E            A       
in nearly every song?
D                 A
This is what I've heard...
               B              E
Of course, the story could be wrong.

A              E
She's the one, I've been told,
D                   A
Now she's wearing a band of gold.
D             E                A   D A E
Peggy Sue got married not long ago.(last line x2.)


A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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