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    Buffalo Springfield

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    The Buffalo Springfield...

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Bluebird chords
Buffalo Springfield


G      Em    G        D
Listen to my bluebird laugh,
G         Em       D
she can't tell you why
G        Em     G         D
Deep within her heart you see,
C   G          D     CCG     D    CCG  D
she knows only crying,  just crying,   yeah

G         Em      G     D
There she sits, a lofty perch,
G         Em    D
strangest color blue
G      Em    G      D
Flying is forgotten now,
C   G              D  CCG     D  CCG D
she thinks only of you,  just you,   awww

So get all those blues, must be a thousand hues
                                       C   G
And each is differently used, you just know
You sit there mesmerized, by the depth of her eyes
                                 C   G
If you could categorize, she got soul
        C   G         C   G         D C G
She got soul, she got soul, she got soul


D      C         D     
Do you think she loves you?
       C        D C G D
Do you think at all?

Solo / Banjo

G          Em       G    D
Soon she's going to fly away,
G       Em     D
sadness is her own
G       Em     G       D  C G
Fill herself a bath of tears,
       D  C G       D  
and go home, and go home



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