• Song:

    Rock & Roll Woman

  • Artist:

    Buffalo Springfield

  • Album:

    The Buffalo Springfield...

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From: sjpachuta@mmm.com (Steve Pachuta)
Subject: TAB:  Rock and Roll Woman (Buffalo Springfield)

I'm almost ashamed to post something as short as this, but if you learn
it you'll have 90% of the song.  I requested this a while back and received
no response.  Yesterday I just happened to have a few spare minutes, so I
sat down and tried to figure it out on my own.  It took all of five
minutes!  I guess the moral of my story is try to tab things yourself
before posting requests.  Anyway, here's the little riff that takes me back
to the 1960's everytime I hear it (corrections/additions/lyrics welcome):


    Buffalo Springfield
      (Stills & Young)

--5--4--0--2--5--4--0--2--4-- Repeat many times, thrown in a few electric
-----------------------------  effects on top of this acoustic riff, and
-----------------------------  you have it.

Steve Pachuta
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