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Over each word that starts a new chord. Hit the the base string for that cord (e.g. for
Am the base string is an open A).
This is my first tab. I hope it's easy to read, I tried organizing it as best I could.
This is one of my favourite songs so enjoy.
questions, email me, rebecca_faye@hotmail.com.

    Am1         Am2          Dm              G           
E-  ----0-----0-----0-----0------1-----1---------3-----3-
B-  --------2-----------2------------3---------------3---
G-  --2---2-------2---2--------2---2-----------0---0-----
D-  ------------1------------0---------------------------
A-  0----------------------------------------------------
E-  -----------------------------------------3-----------

Intro- [Am1][Am2]
Verse- [Am1][Dm][G][Am1][Am2]
       Am1       Dm             G             Am1  Am2
An' my belly is craving, I got shakin' in my head
  Am1            Dm          G           Am1  Am2
I feel like I'm dyin' an' I wish I were dead
   Am1      Dm             G         Am1  Am2   
If I lived tomorrow it'll be a long time
         Am1            Dm            G       Am1   Am2     
For I'll reel and I'll fall and I'll rise on codine
         Am1  Am2          Dm    G        Am1  Am2
An' it's re---al,    an' it's real, one more time
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