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C                        Gm                 C             
                F             Am              G
Life’s a show and we all play our parts and when the music starts we open up our hearts
C                 Gm                           C              
Gm               F             Am              G
It’s alright if some things come out wrong, we’ll sing a happy song and you can sing along
C                          G                C                 
Where there’s life, there’s hope, every day’s a gift
C                G             C           G
Wishes can come true, whistle while you work so hard all day
B                      Dm   B                   F    
       G     Am                 G        Am         
To be like other girls, to fit in in this glittering world, don’t give me songs, don’t 
me songs

D                              F       A      D      
                      B     A         Em  Bm  
 Bm  Em  Bm
Give me something to sing about - I need something to sing about

C                        Gm                 C             
            F             Am                      G
Life’s a song you don’t get to rehearse and every single verse can make it that much worse
C                             Gm                C          
                 F          Am                     G
Still my friends don’t know why I ignore the million things or more I should be dancing for
C             G              C        G              
C                G
All the joy life sends: family and friends, all the twists and bends
C                  G                                  B       
Knowing that it ends, well that depends on if they let you go
B                         F          G      Am       
          G        Am                  G         D 
On if they know enough to know: that when you bowed, you leave the crowd

Em               Bm    F#m                        Em 
There was no pain, no fear, no doubt, till they pulled me out of heaven
Em                 Bm    F#m                     Em  
                           Bm         Em                 Bm
So that’s my refrain, I live in hell, 'cause I’ve been expelled from heaven - I think I 
in heaven

D                                  F        A                 
D                         B  A
So give me something to sing about, please – give me something

Em             Bm   F#m             Em               
Life’s not a song, life isn’t bliss, life is just this: it’s living
Em            Bm        F#m                   Em     
You’ll get along, the pain that you feel only can heal by living
                            Bm                                Bm
You have to go on living, so that one of us is living

D F A  D F A  D 
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