• Song:

    Distopian Dream Girl

  • Artist:

    Built To Spill

  • Album:

    1999-12-07: Showbox, Se...

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Distopian Dream Girl by Built To Spill
Chords by Daniel M.

Tuning: EADGBe
Note:   F is 133211
        F* is x8(10)(10)(10)8 basically F an octave higher...

Verse 1:
F       Dm       F     Dm
can you make it real

A       Bb         F*
Make it more than will

C                  Bb
More than just feel

F      Dm   F     Dm
We are on a ride

A           Bb       F*
We're on it all the time

            C                 Bb
It's at the front of your mind

F      Dm      F      Dm
My stepfather looks 

A         Bb      F*
just like David Bowie

       C             Bb
But he hates David Bowie

F       Dm      F      Dm
I think Bowie's cool

A       Bb          F*
I think Lodger rules

           C               Bb
I think my stepdad's a fool

F       C          C#
Without me there's nothing

        F*    C          Bb
I'm the only thing that dies

F      C           C#
If it came down to your life or mine

        F*       C     Bb
I would do the stupid thing

         F        C     Bb
(And let you keep on living) x4

Verse 2:
F         Dm            F          Dm
"I'm alright," said the man to his wife

A      Bb      F*           C
Waking up to a head full of bed

Full of what she said

F          Dm                  F
She hadn't thought of it for a while

    Dm        A
And when she did

     Bb           F*
She thought of it differently

         C                     Bb
Than she thought she should be thinking

F        Dm         F      Dm    A
Just the thought of it's enough

   Bb      F*    C         Bb
To penetrate my comfort zone 

[Repeat Chorus]

[Chords under outro are just F C A#]
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