• Song:

    MadeUp Dreams

  • Artist:

    Built To Spill

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Made-up Dreams Chords by Built To Spill

Someone already posted this song, but not the whole thing. I'm just giving the chords
people who want to strum and sing by themselves. Some parts are hard to explain because
are many instruments necessary in making up the whole sound. Simply playing one of the 
parts wouldn't sound right (namely the outtro)... so I've come up with a part that
a couple parts together and keeps the sound of the song going. Just listen to the song 
everything should make sense.


A        F            C
  "These thoughts are old," etc...

Next part (chorus?):
play the pickup notes to the first chord(dm)  on the A string on 3rd fret(c) then 4th 

 dm       F    C/  Cadd12/ C           F
    "Hard to believe/       that after all this time/ that after all this
I'm/ still me(an?)"

Then go back to the A-F-C part (guitars only)

Next Part:
dm      F        C/ Cadd12/ C         F
"No one wants to hear/       what you dreamt about, unless you dreamt about/
dm     F     dm       F         C/ Cadd12/
them.        Dont let that stop you/        you tell them anyway/ and you
    G              dm        fm
can make it up/ as yooouuuuu gooooooo"

Next Part:
note, I'm not entirely sure of the name of one of the chords in this progression. The
thing is actually played arpeggiated, but if you're singing it solo, you'd want to strum
the rest of the song. I'm calling the chord in question D#Maj(add9). I think that's 
Anyway, its played like this, arpeggiated or not:

-1-    -x-
-2-    -6-|
-0- or -6-|
-1-    -5-|
-x-    -6-
-x-    -x-

Here's the progression:
F     **em/C?   dm         D#Maj(add9)              A#
  "I'm already gone now/      you are outside just waiting

**For the em/C chord, I *think* it's an e minor chord, but theres so much going on,
that it's hard to tell. Anyway, a C major chord also works here. Decide for yourself!

After the last part of the verse "and alot is always goin' on," it ends on a C chord

Guitar solo chords:
A#-F-em/C-dm-D#Maj(add9) which is basically the same things as before, but with the A# 
the front


this is kind of weird, and more than one instrument is making up all of the harmonies
melodies, but i play it like this if im just strumming by myself (each little part is
in 8th notes--as in "one and two and three and four and") Sorry, I dont know how to make 
sound clearer. Oh, and it starts of on that A# chord like in the guitar solo part, then
goes to this:

-x-x      -x-x       -x-x----------|
-x-x      -x-x       -x-x----------|
-x-x  4x  -x-x  4x   -x-x  8x------|     THE END
-6-5      -6-5       -6-5----------|
-x-x      -4-4       -6-6----------|
-4-4      -x-x       -x-x----------|
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