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Knowing When To Leave

Go while the going is good
Knowing when to leave may be the smartest thing
                Am     G
That anyone can learn, Go 
              C     G          Bbmaj7
I'm afraid my heart isn't very smart

Fly while you still have your wings
Knowing when to leave won't ever let you reach
The point of no return, Fly 
Foolish as it seems, I still have my dreams

                 D                  A7 
So I keep hoping day after day as I wait for the man I need
D                      A7                       D
Night after night as I wish for a love that can be
Though I'm sure that no one can tell whether wishes and hopes will be
D                                     A7         D 
Somewhere I'm feel there is happiness waiting for me

When someone walks in your life, you just better be sure he's right
'cause if he's wrong, there are heartaches and tears you must pay
Keep both of your eyes on the door, never let it get out of sight
D                         A7                      Bbmaj7
Just be prepared when the time has come, you run away

G                           F#m
Sail when the wind starts to blow
G                   F#m
But, like a fool, I don't know
Bbmaj7 Gm  Ab7
When   to leave.......

by: José Duarte
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