• Song:

    Carry On

  • Artist:

    Buster Cottam

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This is a great song of buster cottam, hope they're coming with new songs of equal quality.
The lyrics aren't very accurate so if you have any suggestions they're always 
are always welcome
But please don't come up with frustrated comments, it's not a paid job, just a hobby so 
you don't understand the tab
just ask about it or look for another one.

These are the chords, if you don't know what a base string is, I marked them with an *:

B         Ebm7      E    C#m       F#        Abm       B

E-2-      E-6-      E-7-      E-4-      E-2-      E-4-      E-7-

B-4-      B-7-      B-9-      B-5-      B-2-      B-4-      B-7-

G-4-      G-6-      G-9-      G-6-      G-3-      G-4-      G-8-

D-4-      D-8-      D-9-      D-6-      D-4-      D-6-      D-9-

A-2-*     A-6-*     A-7-*     A-4-*     A-4-      A-6-      A-9-

E-2-      E-6-      E-7-      E-4-      E-2-*     E-4-*     E-7-

If you know how to play the intro, you can almost play the whole song, so if I didn't 
the chords above the lyrics except
for the verse, cause if you know the principle it's better to do the timing of the 
on feeling.
The rest of the chords which aren't the same as the verse are put above the lyrics to, 
you don't understand anything you
can always leave a comment with a question or suggestio. and please rate the tab;)

Verse: (first play the base string of the chord* and then the chord itself)

B  Ebm7     E  C#m,     F#
   Sunlight falls around you,
B      Ebm7     E  C#m           F#
  But still your light shines through,


Contending eyes,
With a love for live,
There's nothing wrong,
C#m                    F#
That can't be put right,

         B  Ebm7  E  C#m,     F#
So carry on,      carry on,

Verse: B, Ebm7, E, C#m, F#

   faces all around me,
But my eyes fall on you,

You lucky child,
with all my love,
So when things go wrong,
C#           F#
I'm down for long,

Chorus: B, Ebm7, E, C#m, F#

But just carry on, carry on,(4x)
Bridge II:

Abm                   C#m
where feelings come alive,
You've got to let them go,
Can't keep them all inside,
Cause then you'll never know,
Gotta share what's on your mind,
            Ebm     C#m
I'll wonder why ooh why,
B              C#m
Gotta put it all alive,
Abm                              C#m
We're gonna risk it all this time,


E                   Ebm7
There's nothing they can sell to you,
E     Ebm7        F#
Coming all through for you,

Chorus: B, Ebm7, E, C#m, F#

So carry on, carry on,
Just carry on,(4x)

Outro: B, Ebm7, E, C#m

B  Ebm7     E  C#m(ring out)
   Sunlight falls around you...
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