• Song:

    Canadian Ten

  • Artist:

    Butch Walker

  • Album:

    I Liked It Better When ...

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Artist: Butch Walker
Song: Canadian Ten
Album: I Liked You Better When You Had No Heart

Standard tuning

Comments/feedback/corrections welcome - darthsylly AT hotmail.com

Thanks to Butch for posting the lyrics on his blog (and writing the song too!)

Verse 1
E                         A           E
Sunshine you heal just as much as you hurt.
                       A           B
Regret in my veins and blood on my shirt.
  A                                    E
I sure must have had myself a personal best.
         A                                                   E      B
It takes filling my lungs up with smoke to get things off my chest.

Chorus 1
A            E
Crossing the border,
Ab     C#m    B
wasted again,
A                    B        E
With her number on a Canadian ten.

Verse 2
E                        A          E
Oh mother, oh mother why do you complain?
                     A       B
I grew up alright so don't be ashamed.
A                                                    E
My mouth has been cleaner and I may have lost all my faith.
          A                                        E     B
'Til I believe in myself I can't give my conscience away.

Chorus 2
       A             E
You're home with the dishes,
        Ab          C#m     B
And I'm out with my friends,
        A           B        E
Placing bets with a Canadian ten.

E / A E / / / / / A B / / / A / / / E / / / A / / / E / B /
La la la la... (chords as per verse)

Chorus 3
A            E
North of the border,
  Ab       C#m  B
A sin is a sin,
         A          B        E
When you pay with a Canadian Ten.

Verse 3
E                          A              E
I searched for a reason to not search for you.
                                  A           B
But I feel like there's no place I haven't been through.
A                                                          E
I told myself don't fall in love when you don’t know their name.
       A                                                      E      B
But my eyes are straight-wired to my heart and just bypass my brain.

Chorus 4
    A            E
Sometimes I’m forgetful,
   Ab                C#m  B
So I’ll start at the end,
             A              B        E
And call the number on this Canadian ten.
             A              B        E
And call the number on this Canadian ten.
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