• Song:

    Ponce De Leon Avenue

  • Artist:

    Butch Walker

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Song:      Ponce de Leon Avenue
Artist:    Butch Walker
Album:     Sycamore Meadows
Tabbed by: BeeMar

Standard Tuning

       Em (022000@1)              AI (x02220@1)woke up on Sunday morning
        Em (022000@1)               AWith (x02220@1)a shoe that was not mine
         Em (022000@1)           ALet (x02220@1)the taxi on the corner
        D (xx0232@1)   Dsus4 (xx0233@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D Dsus4 (xx0233@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D
Drive away

      Em (022000@1)                ASo (x02220@1)I walked up Ponce de Leon
         Em (022000@1)               AWith (x02220@1)my lips all caked in wine
        Em (022000@1)                  ABut (x02220@1)my night clothes in the day time
         DGave (xx0232@1)me away

       B♭               F/CAnd (133211@1)I don't want to remember
       B♭                F/CBut (133211@1)I don't want to forget
        B♭                F/CThat (133211@1)no one will believe me
      AIf (x02220@1)I say


                 Bm (x24432@1)Honey don't you call now

                   EmDon't (022000@1)pick up the phone now

                       G (320003@1)            D (xx0232@1)  D* (040232)

Don't you know we're better off this way

               Bm (x24432@1)
Trying not to call now

               Em (022000@1)See you when I go out

               G (320003@1)              A (x02220@1)We can be in love for just one day

       Em (022000@1)               AAnd (x02220@1)I came home with her lipstick
       Em (022000@1)               AAnd (x02220@1)a thousand bites and scars

      Em (022000@1)             AAnd (x02220@1)a mud stain on my kneecap
      D (xx0232@1)   Dsus4 (xx0233@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D Dsus4 (xx0233@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D
To remind

      Em (022000@1)                AMe (x02220@1)of a quick shop stop for salsa
         Em (022000@1)             AJust (x02220@1)to spill it on the floor
          Em (022000@1)            AStuck (x02220@1)my head inside a freezer
      DTo (xx0232@1)rewind

       B♭                   F/CAnd (133211@1)the Mayor won't believe me
       B♭                 F/CAnd (133211@1)my drummer thinks I'm high
        B♭                F/CAnd (133211@1)I know I should let this one
      AGet (x02220@1)away

Chorus x2

         Em (022000@1)                   AAnd (x02220@1)with all those tripped out people
        Em (022000@1)                    AAt (x02220@1)our table by the end of the night

     Em (022000@1)             ASo (x02220@1)I met you by the bathroom
     D (xx0232@1)   Dsus4 (xx0233@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D Dsus4 (xx0233@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D
To escape

      Em (022000@1)                AI (x02220@1)was so drunk I think I said
        Em (022000@1)          AI (x02220@1)want you inside me now
        Em (022000@1)            AAnd (x02220@1)we fell into the dumpster
      DLaughing (xx0232@1)away

       B♭                   F/CAnd (133211@1)I don't think I remember
       B♭          F/CAnd (133211@1)I try not to forget
        B♭              F/CBut (133211@1)I think that I let this one
      AGet (x02220@1)away

Chorus x2

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