• Song:

    When Canyons Ruled The City

  • Artist:

    Butch Walker

Artist: Butch Walker
Song: "When Canyons Ruled The City"
Album: "The Rise And Fall Of Butch Walker And The Let's-Go-Out-Tonites"

Capo on 4th fret (3rd fret live)

Intro (after bass): D A E x2

ELaurel (022100@1)was a girl I knew, made of dirt and stone
AmPretty (x02210@1)hip in younger years, but now she sits alone
       C (x32010@1)
With a hundred thousand architectural disasters
         E (022100@1)      
She calls homes
EBeverly (022100@1)Glen was pretty, all the rich boys loved her curves
    AmShe (x02210@1)tried to get the credit sometimes

More than she deserved
          CLike (x32010@1)those cheesy 80's movies, epitomizing all things
            EWe'd (022100@1)come to know

Chorus: D A E x2

Verse 2:
EBeachwood (022100@1)was a boheme from the sexy 60's scene
AmGrew (x02210@1)up east of west Hollywood and somewhere in between
        CAll (x32010@1)the madness Laurel puts up with, 
                            E (022100@1)
But somehow always tolerates a scene
ENicols, (022100@1)he had a way with the performing arts
  AmA&R (x02210@1)guys having cookouts on his back with super stars
       CBut (x32010@1)he had some nasty habits and some potholes to
                  E (022100@1)Cover up this drama queen

Chorus: D A E x2

Verse 3:
ESometimes (022100@1)Beachwood yelled at Laurel over terms of selling out
AmThen (x02210@1)Laurel yelled at Beverly for not knowing what life's about
         C (x32010@1)  
With her trust fund friends and family, it felt like an earthquake
          EWhen (022100@1)she'd shout
    EAnd (022100@1)Silverlake just stood there, with her nose up in the air
        AmPushing (x02210@1)up her horn rimmed glasses saying, 
                               C"I (x32010@1)don't fucking care about the madness all you idiots are buying,
            E (022100@1)     
Selling and leasing up there"

Chorus: D A E x2
ESan (022100@1)Fernando was a struggling actor who drove a deli truck 
       AmOn (x02210@1)the sets of porno movies, he was just trying to make a buck
          CWhile (x32010@1)his pilot was in escrow, he dreamed of
                   EDating (022100@1)Beverly one day

Chorus: D A E x12

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