• Song:

    Great And Mighty

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Earth To Heaven

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  E5      A5 

 E5            A5 
Lord you are gentle 
 E5           A5  
You are so kind 
 E5        A5             B5 
I lay my life at your feet 
  B5                   C#5     A5 
Do what you will with me oh Lord 
  E5              A5 
You have been faithful 
  E5            A5 
Lord you are good 
  E5         A5        B5 
I give you all that I am 
  B5              C#5     A5 
And ever hope to be oh Lord 
Great and mighty 
Lord you're holy 
   A5             B5   
I will bow before you only 
   A5                B5  
All the honor and all the glory 
Is due your name 
      B5            A5 
And I will give you praise
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