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    I'll Stay

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You?re movin? faster than an outbound train
Tryin? to find a way to outrun pain
    Em                      E7
And every time you start to come undone
You always start to run
My heart is breaking for you, I admit

It?s hard to watch you fall apart like this
    Em               E7
And I can?t begin to know your sorrow
I have not walked far inside your shoes

And I wish you would let me

Love you through this

Em         E7            A
Cause I?ll stay with you (even in your darkest night)
E7             A
Wait with you (for a little sign of light)
E7            A                    E7
Cry with you (if the answers never come)
I?ll be the one who
E7              A
Hopes with you (there will be a better day)
E7            A
So hold onto (every little piece of faith)
As long as it takes, I?ll stay

And if He sees a sparrow fall or fly
Watches the lilies open to the sky
Then how much more does He love you and I
Sometimes it?s hard to just believe it?s true
But if you can?t, I will stand believing for you

G         Em
Let me be still and quiet
G         Em
Let me be Love?s reminder
G         Em
Let me be the one who?s meant to

Be the arms that Jesus sent you...
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