• Song:

    Forty Acres

  • Artist:

    Caedmons Call

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Forty Acres Chords by Caedmons Call

Song: Forty Acres
Artist: Caedmon's Call
Album: Caedmon's Call


Capo 4th fret

G	(320033)
Dsus	(xx0233)
G/B	(x20033)
C2	(x32033)
D	(xx0232)
Em7	(020030)
C7	(x32030)

Intro:  G	Dsus	G/B	C2 (2x)

[G] Out on these [Dsus] Texas plains
[G/B] You can see for a [C2] million lives
[G] And there?s a [Dsus] thousand exits
[G/B] Between here [C2] and the state line
[G] About the [Dsus] last time that [G/B] I saw [C2] you
You said [G] call me Pan[Dsus]dora
[G/B] Call me a [C2] fool
[G/B] And I?m thinking this view, it could [C2] do you some good
[G/B] So drop these scales and [C2] take a look

[D] There?s forty [Em7] acres [C2] and redemption to be found
[D] Just a[Em7]long down the [C2] way
[D] There is a [Em7] place where no [C2] plow blade has turned the ground
[D] But you will [Em7] turn it over [C2] (hey)
[D] Cause out here hope remains [G] [Dsus] [G/B]
Cause out here hope remains [C2] [Dsus] [G]

Out here the Texas sky is as big as the sea
And you?re alone in your room like an island floating free
Your spirit?s hanging in a bottle on a tree
You say that you?re the black sheep, I say you?re still family
So throw that bottle to the waves
And I?ll bring you into me, and from the shore you will see


Out here the Texas rain is the hardest I?ve ever seen
It?ll wash your house away, but it?ll also make you clean
And all these rocks are crying out too
And this whole land is calling out for you


(Repeat last line twice, end with G)
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