• Song:

    Let Me Be

  • Artist:

    Caedmons Call

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Let Me Be Chords by Caedmons Call

Let Me Be (Mercy of God)                                      
words and music by Aaron Senseman

Key of F
Guitar capo 3, key of D

  D                           G
Lord, You are the maker of my heart
  D                       G
Framer and reshaper of my soul
 Em           A
Master and creator
  G            D/F#
Healer and sustainer
Em                          G
I will put my trust in You alone
   D                         G
Teach me to be faithful to confess
D                                G
In this way, my spirit will be blessed
  Em                  A
Though my sins are daily
  G                 D/F#
You have loved me greatly
     Em                             G
Removing them as far as east from west

Let me be open
Let me be humble
                Em                           G
Let me find the joy of my salvation in Your cross
Let me be broken
Whenever I stumble
         Em               Asus        D
Let me remember the great mercy of my God

  D                                G
Give me the full measure of Your grace
 D                         G
As it is reflected in the Word
 Em             A
Faith and reassurance
  G          D/F#
Mercy and endurance

     Em                                 G
I?ll carry these to those who haven?t heard

            G                      D/F#
All I have needed is laid at Your table
          G                         Asus
All my achievements, I lay at Your feet
D/F#              G                    D
Alive in Your spirit, I?m willing and able
                   Em    A   Asus   A
You make my joy complete

 2006 Stuntman Music (ASCAP) (adm. by Music Services)
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