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Let's Go Bowling - Camera Obscura

Am                                 C
I don't believe in anything so you may as well forget about me
Am                                        C
It's time you took it upon yourself to go join the other team
Forget about me
Anyway, I got myself some bowling shoes
And they are all that I can see
With all my might I scored a strike
    C                     G
My friend you wouldn't believe
     Am                             C
My teenage years were wasted all on me

Am               C
On Saturday I watched a film
       Am                          C
It was black and white with Clark Gable in
      Am                  C               G
I've seen that film one hundred times or more
How am I going to tell my friends
I won't be coming out with them no more?

                       Am          C
Don't you know that I feel sad?
                     Am            C      --- (Repeat twice)
You only know how to get mad

                       Am      C
Don't you know that I feel sad?  (Repeat 4 times)
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