• Song:

    Wichita Lineman

  • Artist:

    Campbell Glen

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Subject: CRD: Wichita Lineman (Webb/Campbell)
Date: 4 Jan 1995 01:39:53 GMT
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Wichita Lineman     -     Jimmy Webb

Gm7                      Bbmaj7       F                    Gm7
  I am a lineman for the county       and I drive the main road

Dm7              Am7     G       D
searchin' in the sun for another overload.

                          Am7                               G
I hear you singing in the wires,      I can hear you in the whine

Gm                 D        Am7                  Bb
   And the Wichita Lineman       is still on the line.

Am7   Bb (hit once and let ring)

Gm7                     Bbmaj7         F                      Gm7
  I know I need a small vacation,      but it don't look like rain.

    Dm7              Am7                  G              D
And if it snows that sounthern load won't ever stand the strain.

                         Am7                                    G
And I need you more than want you,       and I want you for all time.

Gm                  D         Am7                    Bb
    And the Wichita Lineman          is still on the line.

Am7     Bb     Gm7     Bb     C     Bc     C      G

(I don't recall the last G being on the Glen Campbell recording,
but it makes for a nice closure).

dynasor@infi.net                                       The Doctor is on.
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