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From: fail@oberon.pps.pgh.pa.us (John Fail)

Camper Van Beethoven:
"All Her Favorite Fruit" - Key Lime Pie

(I worked this out also over the break)
                                                        last time slide
G-2-------2-------2-------2---------2----repeat this--|---------------------|

I drive alone, home from work
                      Bm   A
And I always think of her
D                                           Bm    A
Late at night I call her, but I never say a word
G                             Bm                A                 D  G
But I can see her squeeze the phone between her chin and shoulder
Bm        A                D                     G                   D    G
And I can almost smell her breath, faint, with a sweet scent of decay
She serves him mashed potatoes
                        Bm         A
She serves him peppered steak, and corn
D                                                     Bm   A
Pulls the dress up over her head, lets it fall to the floor
G                         Bm          A                     D  G
And does she ever whisper in his ear, all her favorite fruit
Bm          A           D               G
And all the most exotic places they are cultivated
D                                                Bm        A
And I'd like to take her there, rather than this train I'm on
D                                                         Bm      A
And if I weren't a civil servant, I'd have a place in the colonies
G                        Bm                     A                    D  G
We'd play croquet behind white-washed walls and drink our tea at four
Bm     A              D               G
Within intervention's distance of the embassy
D                           A D
The midday air grows thicker with the heat
           Bm                  A
And drifts towards the line of trees
D                           A D                    Bm A
When negroes blink their eyes, they sink into siesta
G                         Bm               A            D   G
And we are rotting like a fruit underneath a rusting roof
Bm           A                   D              G
We dream our dreams and sing our songs of love - fecundity
   D            G    D        G        D        G
Of life and love, of life and love, of life and love

(end with opening riff, then finish on D)

You may wish to play the G barred on the 3rd fret, and sometimes pick the
top three strings descending.


******Give me a command line or give me death!*****************
Triangle Man, Triangle Man
Triangle Man hates Person Man
They have a fight, Triangle wins
Triangle Man.
********-They Might Be Giants************************************************
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