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From: Farrell Joshua Richard 
Subject: Camper_Van_Beethoven

Pictures of Matchstick Men

 This song was originally done by Status Quo but I figured it out
listening to the Camper Van Beethoven version.  I used to play this with a
band and it usually got a decent response from the audience.  If you don't
have a violin to play the solo lines try a heavy distortion/wah pedal
combo.  Listen to the tune some to make sure you get the right rhythms
because it is not always straight forward.

   D         F      C         G
   D         F         C      G
 Do the
intro once just with the line, then the chords come in for the second
time, You can just hold a D chord for the second half of the intro line if
you prefer.  The first verse comes in and is played on top of those four
chords in the same rhythm

D F C G x5
When I look up to the sky I see your
eyes a funny kind of yellow, (yellow).
Rush home to bed, I shake my head,
I see your face underneath my pillow (pillow).
I wake the next morning, tired still yawning,
I see your face looking through my window. [Hold a D here to go into the

G G              A A           D x3
Pictures of Matchstick Men and you
Images of Matchstick Men and you
All I ever see is them and you

D F C G w/intro x2
intro byitsel once
intro with chords once Middle section
B F C+(little riff you can figure out)
Windows echo your reflection, whenI look in your direction, now
B F D 
Fake faces haunting me, Your face just won't leave me, alone.


Out with chords from verse, solo over it if you want, background vocals
as follows-

You are....
Your in the sky
Your with the sky
You make men cry

Any questions comments or requests write:  JRF302@lulu.acns.nwu.edu Hope you
enjoy the song
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