• Song:

    Naturaleza Muerta

  • Artist:

    Cano J M

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Music from J.M. Cano - Mecano
Extract from the album: Aidalai - 1991

Naturaleza muerta
[*] F        C         Dm
     No ha salido el sol

        Am        Bb
     y Ana y Miguel

          F       C
     ya prenden llama

    F      C     Dm
     Ella sobre el

        Am      Bb
     hombre y mujer

     deshacen la cama

                    Bb           C
[&]  Y el mar que esta loco por Ana

        Bb          C
     prefiere no mirar

         Bb         C
     Los celos no perdonan

        Bb             C7              A
     al agua, ni a las algas, ni a la sal.

[additional lyrics, play as before]

[*] Al amanecer
ya esta Miguel
sobre su barca
Dame un beso amor
y espera quieta
junto a la playa

[&] Y el mar murmura en su lenguaje:
-!Maldito pescador!
Despidete de ella
no quiero compartir su corazon

[estribillo, try on 5th and 3th fret]

    Dm        Am        Gm      A       Dm
      Y llorar, y llorar, y llorar por el

     Dm         Am        Gm       A       Dm
      Y esperar, y esperar, y esperar de pie

     Dm       Am           Gm        A
      en la orilla a que vuelva Miguel

[rest of lyrics]

[*] Dicen en la aldea
que esa roca blanca es Ana
Cubierta de sal y de coral
espera en la playa

[&] No esperes mas ni#a de piedra
Miguel no va a volver
El mar le tiene preso
por no querer cederle a una mujer

[estribillo, see above]

[&] Incluso hay gente que asegura
que cuando hay tempestad
las olas las provoca
Miguel luchando a muerte con el mar

[estribillo, see above and end with...]

Y llorar, y llorar, y llorar por el
Y llorar, y llorar y llorar sobre el mar

   free translate from lyrics:
[*]                             [&]
The sun is not out yet          And the sea who is mad about Ann
and Ann and Michael             prefer not to see
already started the light       jealous don't forgive
she over him                    the water, neither the seaweed, neither the salt
man and woman
undoing the bed

At dawn                         And the sea whisper in his language
Michael is already              dammed fisherman!
over his boat                   say goodbye to her
give me a kiss love             I don't want to share her heart
and wait quietly
near of the beach

On the village are saying       Don't wait more girl of stone
that rock is Ann                Michael wouldn't back
cover of salt and coral         the sea take him as a prisoner
wait on the beach               for not to want to leave a woman

                                Including there're people who assure
                                when there is a storm
                                the waves are caused by
                                Michael fighting 'till death against the sea

And cry, and cry, and cry for him
and wait, and wait, and wait standing
on the sea shore the back of Michael
[ending with]
... and cry, and cry, and cry over the sea.


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