• Song:

    All Kitties Use Caution

  • Artist:

    Captain Chaos

easy song. 3 chords so tru punx forever.

Careful kitty watch your step this street is full of cars
If something was to happen to you it would break my fucking heart
Trouble called for a friend today from very far away
Trouble lost my number I hope that's the way it stays

And I can't decide which tea to have
'Cuz I do not know my plans
Am                             C
Will I stay up late tonight or should I be turning in?
            G           D         C
I'm trying hard not to look too broken
       G              D             C
But I think that you might see the scars
       G            D        C
Just don't look at me too closely
       Am       C          G
Let's both look up at the stars

C                                   G
And I'm not wondering what's out there
C                                 G
No I'm not wondering what's out there
Am                              C                    G    D   C
To tell the truth tonight right now I don't really care
Am                                   C
And the sky does not make you look small
Am                                        C
In fact tonight beside you I feel pretty large
Am                             C
And I'm not asking why we are here
Am                            C
Because that's oh so very clear
Am                                             C
And I'm not wondering what is the meaning of life
Am                             C                  G
Because it's as clear as the sky tonight my dear.
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