• Song:

    Here Lies A Fool For Love

  • Artist:

    Captain Chaos

  • Album:

    The Fool

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EADGBe (standard)

Intro: E F# A x3 E B A (stop)

E             F#                A
  One of the last nights that we spent together 
E           F#      A
  I went to see Pascal's band play
E           F#               A
  The other guys had just flown in from Paris
           E            F#                A
  They were all wearin' dresses, it was a fashion show thing
E              F#            A       E        F#        A
  Jackson was sitting on the catwalk, it was in between bands
E               F#              A
  He called me over and said he had a question 
          E       F#      A
  And that it meant no offense
E           F#      A         E             F#      A
  He leaned into my ear, I was still wearin' my earplugs
         E            F#         A
  And he, he said it quiet so my enemies couldn't hear
              E           F#                A
  "Does this move have anything to do with love?"
           E                  F#              A                   B
  Well, of course it does, of course it does, everything I do I do for love
       E             F#              A              B
  Yes, I'm a fool and that's a fact, let that be my epitaph 

                  E  F#  A  E  B  A (stop)

E      F#             A          E            F#               A
  P.J. sent me a letter with some music and a bookmark that he made
           E            F#         A               E          F#        A
  It was a cartoon of me but I was way too cute but it was still really sweet
E     F#                A                 E                F#            A
  And then I flipped it over; there was a quote, you know, some philosophy
            E          F#            A    
  It says a, a foolish man seeks happiness in the distance
        E        F#            A
  And a wise man grows it underneath his feet
      E                 F#                   A               B
  Well thanks for the advice, my friend, but I'm not seeking happiness
E             F#               A              B
  The soil in Bloomington just swallows up my seeds
      E                 F#             A               B
  And nothing grows, no nothing grows, maybe it's just me
     E               F#              A              B
  No I'm not seeking happiness, I'll wait for it to come to me
     A             B               E
  And I looked for you in the library on my birthday
A               B                E
  Just like the day you hid from me, it was perfect
      A                B               E               A
  And that's the day I knew that I was so in love with you
                A               B                 E
  That it would make my life or it would spell my doom
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