DIRTY BOY - Cardiacs
Tabbed by: The Mop™
From the album: "Sing To God - Part 2"
Official website: www.cardiacs.com


Tuning: Standard


E      Em

   Em        C  C/B E   Em  C  E   D           C           G
G----------------------------------------------------------------------| x 2

Verse 1

Am    C        F       Am G Cm           Ab       Eb       F#m    B       D
We cut all his eyes we did, squeezed the lids and down the grog into hole he
     F         Ab   Bb    E      G    B   A    G      D         Bm
skip with crow eyed smile to the blissful into craggy dress and we will
G          Bm      G          C#m     F#    D     A   A  C#m F#
praise him we will praise him off his pins, clear him of all sins
Bm C# C#/C          C#/Bb             Bb Bb/A        Bb/G         Bb Bb/A
Oh my! We sang with strength to carry on, encouraged him to sing along, we
        Bb/G              F#
sang of all the world and praised him hooray!
B         A D A            F   Ab  Gm     C         Bb Eb Bb        F# A Abm
Stay alive      to live or without,   and he is down,       all over and out

(Then repeat the intro once instead of twice, then into the 2nd verse, chords as 
put the chords down too though because there are so many I can never remember them)

Am           C             F           Am   G
Watch us bang on shoulders as tall and as gold as
Cm         Ab    Eb     F#m
Feely hand and finger around all we
B        D      F     Ab Bb E     G  B  A   G            D
And look to see if we care  if he is heaven sent or Hell bent but
Bm      G          Bm      G          C#m F#  D      A   A   C#m F#
We will praise him we will praise him all away praise him all a - way
Bm C# C#/C       C#/Bb           Bb Bb/A          Bb/G        Bb Bb/A
My arms chancing and you will no way      live long enough to repay me
             Bb/G   F#
I praise you anyway always

(Then into the really long bit. It's the same chord progression over and over, but each 
moving up in semitones)

B         A D A              F Ab Gm C        Bb Eb Bb           F# A Abm
Wipes last    with brown and pale,   he dirty boy       he gone all stale
    C#          B E B          G  Bb  Am     D          C F C
And down the stair and hallway crawling, and pig and toast and kitchen
  Ab B Bbm
Eb       C# F# C#           A    C Bm E        D G D          Bb C# Cm
Night-time     days are all weekless, alarm charm he's all up and dressed
   F       Eb Ab Eb          B D C#m F#             E A E             C D#Dm
He dirty boy,    he bathroom dances, and check his jam and breathe on glass

A            B    Bb       A C#            E    E    A    D   G    Eb   E
Spiny brings all, off "Mr. Regal Jelly" in hand, warm feel and suck re - gal
A   D    G      D    G     B   A            C#              E
man suck bland, suck bland a - way and he a sleepy cow-eyed dog he treading
B    A                C   F#        D                              B
soft sand                           Kiss and stroke and praise him, stroke
    A                 E   A         F            D      F C F
and praise him                      All worth is kiss not how to cleanse and
D     F            D        F  C F          D
fowl, preserver of sick somehow, don't worry now
B                  Bb                 C#       E   Abm   C#
Hold his mouth and stop him breathing over and out

(The outro plays those final three chords over and over, the time signature changes, 
just a case of playing it over and over and a pattern starts emerging)

Such an epic tune, hope you enjoy it.
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