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    Shes The One

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Capo V
in 6/8 

Call her thief

                       Em/D  C 
Call her shallow and insin - cere

              Em                             Em/D  C 
'Cause you'll never see just how perfect she could be

Am         F           G
Then she's gone and my friends can come along 

Am       F                G 
and they tell me that I'm happier

Am       F                G 
One more fight, yeah, you tell me all the time 

Am     F         G
How do I swallow my pride? 

But she's the one, 

she's the one, 

but she's the one, 

she's the one. 

Time and time I hear things that can't be true 
and it's only talk cause she'll never be so cruel; 
Every night there's a new name on her arm 
that I don't think I recognize 
and it's never strange just how long she stays away 
I guess I'll have to compromise.
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