• Song:

    If We Ever Needed You

  • Artist:

    Casting Crowns

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D5 F#5 D5 F#5
D5         F#5            D5                F#5                   D5
Hear our cry, Lord we pray.  Our Faces Down, our hands are raised
D5                 A5              E5              A5
You?ve called us out, we turned away. We turned away.

D5                 F#5               D5                   F#5              D5
With Shipwrecked faith, the idols rise. We do what is right, in our own eyes.
D5             A5                E5                 A5     
Our children now will pay the price, We need Your light, Lord, Shine Your 

D5                 F#5                 G5              A5
If we?ve ever needed you, Lord it?s now. Lord it?s now.
D5                    F#5                        G5                   A5    B5
We are desperate for your hand, We?re reaching out. We?re reaching out.
D5          F#5              D5                    F#5                   D5
All our hearts, all our strength. With all our minds, we?re at Your feet.
D5                 A5                      E5                      A5  
May Your kingdom come in our hearts and minds. Let Your church arise, Let 
your church arise.


F#5  G5   A5                 F#5 G5   A5  B5  D5  D5
      We?re Reaching out.


    D5        A5        D5        A5          D5        A5
We Need you now.    Revive us now.    We need You now.
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