• Song:

    Life Of Praise

  • Artist:

    Casting Crowns

  • Album:

    Casting Crowns

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 D5     Gsus4    G    
5fret   3fret 3fret
xO--xx O---OO O---OO
x---xx ------ ---O--
x-OOxx -OOO-- -OO---
x---xx ------ ------
D5                                                Gsus4      G
 I will love you LORD always not just for the things you've done for me and 
       D5                                       Gsus4         G
i will praise you all my days not just for the change you've made in me

          A              G             D             A                 G
But i'll praise your for you are holy LORD and i'll lift my hands but you 
              Bm          A
are worthy of so much more

     G      D        A          Bm       G      D      A          Bm   G
For you are awesome God of the nations lion of Judah rock of the ages Alpha 
  D    A     Bm       G    D
Omega worthy of all praise    
      A          Bm         G  D
more than these hands I'll raise 
      A      Bm        D
I'll live a life of praise

Verse 2: (same chords)
I will serve you LORD, always for you are my strength when i am weak. And i 
will never be afraid for you are my rock and you protect me
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