• Song:

    You Alone

  • Artist:

    Casting Pearls

  • Album:

    Live from Wichita

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Intro: C#m  A2  E  B 

Verse 1 
     C#m                         A2                              
I've come to Your throne here so cold and alone 
    E               B 
I'm calling on Your name 
    C#m                A2                  E                B
I lift my hands to the sky open wide and I cry Lord take me away 
 C#m             A2                  E                 B 
Take this heavy heart and this weary soul and set them free 
 C#m                       A2               E           B 
Remove myself till there's nothing left but You alone in me 
            E                B  
I'm letting go of all that I know 
           C#m         A2 
I'm holding on to You alone 
              E                     B 
I lay it all down down here at Your feet 
       C#m           A2 
I want You alone You alone  

Verse 2 
C#m              A2                 E             B 
If I go to the heavens above Lord I know You are there 
 C#m         A2                       E             B 
If I make my bed in the depths lord I know You are there 
 C#m              A2                         E                      B 
If I rise on the wings of the dawn or settle on the far side of the sea 
C#m               A2                       E                  B 
Even still Lord I know You will, You will always be there with me
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