• Song:

    Mr Gallo

  • Artist:

    Cat Power

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                 Mr. Gallo by Cat Power

From her 1995 debut, 'Dear Sir'. There really is only one chord being used here, and
it's arpeggiated. She plays around with the notes in a Cmaj7 and then just plays the A root
note and the surrounding strings. The first note plucked at the beginning is just a C
root note (A string, 3rd fret), and she then goes into playing Cmaj7 and alternates between
that and the A root. She also plays several open notes, particularly the G and B string.
Instead of bothering to tab it all out, I've just charted her hand formations for you.
It's simple enough that listening to the song should provide you enough to figure out 
the pattern she has with the picking. Simply put: get down the pattern of her Cmaj7 arpeggio,
and lift your finger off the A string and continue to play the same pattern.

Tabbed by: Scott H.

Tuning: Standard

Chords used:

    Cmaj7           A (root note)
e|------------   ---------|
B|---0--------   ---0-----|
G|---0--------   ---0-----|
D|---2--------   ---2-----|
A|---3--------   ---0-----|
E|------------   ---------|

Cmaj7   A

Oh, Mr. Gallo


What a good friend


We both know the game

Cmaj7   A

Oh, Mr. Gallo


What a good frame


Your close lover has

Cmaj7            A

Oh, Chan, what a woman you've become

Cmaj7                      A

Cannot say I never thought you'd look me in the eyes

Cmaj7          A

Oh, and what a lover you've become

Cmaj7                               A

Can I say I always thought you were a liar?

Cmaj7               A

Oh, you say, what a laugh you have

Cmaj7                                     A

Cannot say I never thought I had anything funny

Cmaj7          A                      Cmaj7

Oh, and what a charmer you've become, Mr. Gallo

A           Cmaj7

Not full of hate
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