• Song:

    Here Comes My Baby

  • Artist:

    Cat Stevens

  • Album:

    The Collection

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Date: 24/03/2000       From: DJ             E-mail:dave.illingworth@nevisuk.net

                   HERE COMES MY BABY by Cat Stevens              
G  D  C  D        G  D  C  D

Verse 1
        G   D      C    G    D         C        D             G   D  C  D
In the mid-night moon-light I'll be walking a long, & lonely mile,
      G  D  C   G  D           C            D        G   D   
And ever-y time I do, I keep seeing this picture of you

C   D            G   D C   D             G  D C  D        G      D        C
  Here comes my baby,    here she comes now,    and, it comes as no sur-prise
   D    C            D   Dsus4  D       G   D C D              G  D  C
to me, with another guy. Here comes my baby,   here she comes now,
   D            G              D          C      D      C          D
Walking with a love , with a love that's all so fine, never to be mine,
    Dsus4  D     G   C  C  D  G       G    D    C   D         G  C   D  C
No matter how I try------------

 Verse 2
     G  D    C      D               C        D              G   D  C   D
You nev-er walk a-lone, and you're forever talking on the phone
       G    D  C    G    D          C             D             G    D
I've tried to call you names, but every time it comes out the same.


Verse 3
            G   D   C   G    D                 C              D
I'm still wait-ing for your heart, 'cause I'm sure that some day 
             G   D  C    D        G   D   C    G    D
it's gonna start,      you'll be mine to hold each day,
           C             D              G  D
But, 'til then, this is all that I can say

Chorus ( x2)


Intro ,& riff at 
end of choruses 
picking chords:       G                D                 C
                 xxx12 12 11       xxx11 10 10         xxx988
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