• Song:

    Portobello Road

  • Artist:

    Cat Stevens

  • Album:

    The Collection

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Stevens, Fowley - Portobello Road
Transcribed by Michael F Sullivan

*A lot of this is played arpeggio but it really wouldn't be very
useful to transcribe it all here.  Just fool around with the
chords on your own.


(while whistling)


Part A.

C            F       G       C

Getting hung up all day on smiles

	     F          G        C

Walking down Portobello Road for miles

	   F		 G

Greeting strangers in Indian boots

F		G

Yellow ties and old brown suits

Am		   G

Growing old is my only dan - ger

Part B.

C       F           G      C

Cuckoo clocks and plastic socks

	       F   G       C

Lampshades of old antique leather

               F          G      Am

Nothing looks weird, not even a beard

F		   G

Or the boots made out of feathers

F       C

I keep walking miles

       F               C

'til I feel a broom beneath my feet

F       C

Or the hawking eyes

        G                G7

Of an old stuffed bull across the street

	       F           G       C

Nothing's the same if you see it again

	  F      G       C

It'll be broken down to litter

            F       G       Am

Oh and the clothes everyone knows

F                     G

That that dress will never fit her

Part C.

C            F       G       C


	     F          G        C


F       G 	Am

     (...more whistling)

F F  G G G G G G G G G G G G

     (all strummed downward quickly)

Repeat parts A and B and then part A again with the last line:

Am                 G          C   F G C

Growing old is my only dan - ger

Outro (while whistling)

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