• Song:

    Portobello Road

  • Artist:

    Cat Stevens

  • Album:

    The Collection

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(while whistling)

E | ----------------------------------------------------------- | 
B | ----------------------------------------------------------- | 
G | -------5-----5-----------4-----5-----5-----5--------------- | 
D | ----------------------------------------------------------- | 
A | ----3-----3-----3--3--2-----3-----3-----3------------------ | 
E | ----------------------------------------------------------- | 

(part A)

C            F       G       C

Getting hung up all day on smiles
           F          G        C
Walking down Portobello Road for miles
         F             G
Greeting strangers in Indian boots
F            G
Yellow ties and old brown suits
Am               G
Growing old is my only dan - ger

(part B)
C       F           G      C
Cuckoo clocks and plastic socks
             F   G       C
Lampshades of old antique leather
               F          G      Am
Nothing looks weird, not even a beard
F               G
Or the boots made out of feathers
F       C
I keep walking miles
       F               C
'til I feel a broom beneath my feet
F       C
Or the hawking eyes
        G                G7
Of an old stuffed bull across the street
             F           G       C
Nothing's the same if you see it again
        F      G       C
It'll be broken down to litter
            F       G       Am
Oh and the clothes everyone knows
F                     G
That that dress will never fit her

(part C ) C F  G C

F  G C
F   G Am

(more whistling)
F F  G G G G G G G G G G G G

(all strummed downward quickly)

(repeat parts a and b and then part a again with the last line)
Am G C F G C

Growing old is my only dan - ger

(outro) (while whistling)
E | ----------------------------------------------------------- | 
B | ---------1-----1-----0------------------------------------- | 
G | ---------0-----2-----0------------------------------------- | 
D | ------2-----3--------------2------------------------------- | 
A | ---3--------------------3-----3---------------------------- | 
E | ------------------3---------------------------------------- |
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