• Song:

    The View From The Top

  • Artist:

    Cat Stevens

  • Album:

    Early Tapes

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    C5   G5         A5         F5     C5     G5  
The view from the top can be oh so very lonely
C5    G5          A5                               D5
 and you can be missing such a lot that could be yours


            E5                    A5
Why can't I stop    forgetting myself?
         E5                                   A5
Why am I always trying to be like somebody else?
            D5      G5      D5        G5
Why can't I love you? Why bother flying high 
 D5    G5     E5
above you? I know where you are.


Additional part:

    A5              E5
And who's going to miss me?
         A5                 D5
there'll only be myself to blame.
             C5       G5         A5 
you know I'd love to hold you tight
      C5       E5      A5
and love you all the night
      A5    F5    G5           E5
but I don't even know ...my name.

    C5   G5   A5        F5    C5     G5  
La la la la la ...
    C5   G5   A5        F5    D5     G5
La la la la la ...


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