• Song:

    All I Want Is You

  • Artist:

    Celebration Church

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D5                           A5
        So much in this world
D5                       A5    E5
        To take me from Your    side 
D5                               A5
        When all I desire
D5                      A5   E5        F5
        To spend all my days in love with You

Give me Jesus
F5               C5           
      Take the whole world
D5                                G5
        I want you right by my side

                A5 G5  C5
All I want is You Je    -  sus
                     A5 G5   C5
No one else but You Je     - sus
                          A5 G5        C5               F5            G5
I leave this world and all      it      has to follow You
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